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... til min blogg, som for det meste er om kort. Jeg er også veldig glad i å reise (spesielt Egypt) og å ta bilder, så det kan dukke opp noen scrappesider innimellom.
Blir veldig glad hvis du legger igjen spor etter deg...

torsdag 15. januar 2015

It's Argos's birthday today :o)

An other year has passed by, and His Royal Highness (HRH) Prince Jøtulættas Argos is 3 years old.
These years just went "svosj". Seems like it's only a few month's ago we brought him home.
He's a special boy, with, as my sister says 1000 different "facial looks".
 This is his "selfie look"
 He loves to get up, and see what's around....
 There goes the duck.....
 As I said: He love's his views.
He climbed up on the roof to see the valley. André was painting it, and of course he had to have a look.
We have a small balcony in the 2'nd (3'rd) floor.... he loves it. My parents have one, even higher up, he won't come in.....
He went with André in the mountain to watch the sunrise
 Look at those eyes.... He looks good in turquoise, don't you think ???
This summer we got him a bath tub. It was so hot..... 
very good to cool off a little bit.
 Swimming around.
He loves to swim... As soon as he's near water - he's all wet.
 The film clip is the wrong way, sorry about that, but you get an idea of what I mean.
André went fishing in the mountain a lot this summer... When Argos were with him, he said he could just as well brought a bulldozer, Argos made so much noice.
 Every time he saw a fish, Argos went in the water, swimming around, looking here, and looking a bit over there, and of course he scared them all away :o)
It's time for a treat...
 Christmas eve, and he's got his red bow on...
Our gorgeous dog !!
HRH Prince Argos :o)
 We all love him to pieces.
I'm so happy that he was meant to be with us
Happy Birthday :o)
Hugs, Kaia

2 kommentarer:

Anne-Eddie sa...

Oao!! Her var det bilder og filmer i fleng! Gratulerer med dagen til den flotte gutten!!
Og: gratulerer som vinner i KortOMania med kalenderen til søstera!! Den er virkelig en vinner! Klem fra Anne-Eddie ;)

Maya sa...

Hipp, Hipp hurra for Argos!!
Han er jo så fiiiiin ♥
Nydelige øyne og masse herlige uttrykk :)
Ha en super fredag, og helg!
Klem fra Maya